About Jeff Suddaby

What happens when talent meets creativity, passion, strong work ethic, diligence and imaginative entrepreneurship?  You've met Jeff. 

Priority number one with Jeff is food...it is the ‘main course’.  On the subject of food, check out Jeff’s TV cooking show where food along with the ‘how-to-make-it’ is the subject on every episode.  His popular radio show, From My Kitchen to Yours offers quick 1-2 minute cooking and food ideas. Just listening that one minute creates a desire to get into your own kitchen and whip up one of his latest tips!

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Who's Coming For Dinner?

Explores the food dilemmas we face everyday; combined with an active lifestyle and a healthy appetite. In each episode host Jeff Suddaby, Chef/owner of 3 Guys And A Stove, prepares for his audience an eye-appealing, mouth-watering nutritious and healthy meal.

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"Jeff helps feed children in Swaziland"

Jeff wanted to do something to help feed hungry children so he initiated a Children’s Feeding Program called Breaking Bread...Breaking AIDS.  This program’s first project is in a little village called Phonjwane (pronounced Pawn-jaawn-ee), located in Swaziland. The first goal was to provide a hot, nutritious meal, once a day; something these children have not had until the program was put into action.  Learn more...


Who's Coming for Dinner the cookbook

Who's Coming for Dinner the Cookbook. An active and busy lifestyle does not mean that cooking should be a daunting challenge or chore. Jeff brings his unique approach to cooking, Lifestyle Cuisine, into bookstores. As seen on Breakfast Television, Canada AM and Rogers Daytime.

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Meatless Tamale Pie with Green Salsa

Hearty, satisfying and absolutely packed with layers of flavour. Topping it all off is the warm crusty cornbread crust served with green salsa and melted old cheddar cheese. Ummm...folks, this dish is ... doin' all right.

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Today’s Food Airing
We are excited! Today’s Food is airing mid September.
Published: Friday, August 31, 2012